“The work of making—producing something that requires long hours, intense thought, and considerable technical skill—has significant implications that go beyond the crafting of words. Involved are embodied interactions with digital technologies, frequent testing of code and other functionalities that result in reworking and correcting, and dynamic, ongoing discussions with collaborators to get it right.”

Katherine Hayles, in How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis (2012, p.19)

The projects featured here are examples of multimodal research and teaching practices I am/have been involved in. As described in my teaching philosophy, I privilege pedagogies that welcome material engagement with technologies, that are informative and reflexive about how socio-technological arrangements emerge, while at the same deconstruct and reveal  new articulations for how we engage with technology, social relationships and power. Similarly, in my research practices I focus on “thinking through making” as a strategy to foster innovative research in the methods inception, as the process of collective making often presents possibilities to open new avenues of articulations for how we relate to technology as a form of knowledge and power. The projects are organized in two categories. “Critical Making and Media Arts” includes projects that reflect about media technologies in relation to materialities, modes of power and social, cultural, and political practices. “Design and Communication” includes projects that take on media production as an approach to problem solving focused on user experience and engagement.