CAD 2 is a new building on campus used by different colleges. Students and professors have noticed that while classrooms and labs are often occupied, common areas are often empty. People walk through these areas as they walk to their final destination. The lack of interaction and integration among faculty and students interferes with the sense of belonging to the academic community.

Challenge: To develop interactive experiences to occupy the common areas of the CAD 2 building and promote integration among students.

All the following projects were developed by students enrolled in COM354 – Design for Interactive Media.

The projection shows a series of well-known graffiti art around campus. However, the images are partially obscured and participants must manipulate a magnifying glass to reveal parts of the image and figure out what they are. The project was created with the Scratch platform ( by Isabela Braga, Carolina Menna, Rhânia de Melo, Alice Sá.
The project recreates the Pong game adapted to the regional context of Minas Gerais. The game ball is replaced by “pão de queijo”, the State food. The soundtrack and sound effects include local expressions and slangs to promote greater engagement with the audience. The project was created with the Scratch platform ( and Makey Makey ( Developed by Viviane da Silva, Guilherme Pivoto, Fabiana de Oliveira, Jiullia da Silva and Ana Karolinni Gomes.
The project adapts the Snake game to a cooperative gameplay. One player controls the left / right directional arrows and the other player controls the up / down directional arrows. The project was created with the Scratch platform ( and Makey Makey ( Developed by Alex Oliveira, Vinicius Pio, Rodolfo Accioly, Vinicius Saraiva and Alexandre Bueno.

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