The Intermedia Connection Lab (LabCon) is an initiative by faculty at the Department of Communication at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. LabCon offers undergraduate and graduate courses articulated with ongoing research initiatives related to emerging media production and analysis. Current course offerings focus on:

a) Intermedia and transmedia communication over social media platforms; b) Engagement in online social networks, notably those related to fandom and civic engagement;
c) Big data and data mobilities, algorithmic mediation and digital methods;
d) online ethnography.

LabCon also develops outreach initiatives with local and international communities to develop and implement Transmedia education products for k-12 public schools. See the latest results of Labcon at the lab’s website.

The Annual LabCon Seminar highlights students’ production in undergraduate courses offered under LabCon’s initiative. The course offering in 2018 included:

Transmedia Education Lab (Prof. Geane Alzamora): students developed a Transmedia Education program for public schools in Maputo, Mozambique.
Transmedia Design Lab (Prof. Fernanda Duarte): students developed a social media campaign with chatbots to promote women’s presence in Internet Governance.
– YouTube and Platform studies (Prof. Joana Ziller): students developed YouTube channels to experiment with affordances and potentials of Youtube’s platform mediation.
Data visualization Lab (Prof. Carlos D’Andrea): students developed research projects using data visualizations and scraped data from social media platforms.
– Technical writing for advertising (Prof. Vanessa Brandão): students developed various advertising campaigns around the theme of sustainability.
Radio and Digital Media (Prof. Sônia Pessoa): students developed programming for the department’s web radio.

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